December 2010

This blog will be about boating on the European Continent. To be able to do so we acquired a Dutch Barge, named "Hebbes", in December 2010. The preceding years we owned a narrowboat in England and lived on her for 3,5 years. Before starting with our adventures about going to and being on the Continent we'll give you an impression about our former way of life.

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Leendert | Antwoord 29.07.2016 17.36

Dat stelt niks voor hoor. Leuk dat jullie gekeken hebben. Hij speelt ook met Paul van kemenade. Dat is pas andere koek.

Lieve groetjes. Marian en Leendert

L boudesteijn | Antwoord 28.07.2016 11.57

Hallo Simon en Diny bedankt voor de leuke middag / avond die volgde na dat we aanmeerden langs jullie mooie hebbes.
Hartelijke groeten Leendert en Marian

Diny & Simon 29.07.2016 17.09

Heb Louk Boudesteijn op YouTube gezien. Hij speelde zelfs met Caro Emerald! Dat stelt veel voor, vinden wij!!!

Simon 29.07.2016 17.07

Marian, stuur je de beloofde email? (Of: het beoofde emailtje!) Dan kan ik de foto's versturen. S.

Diny & Simon 28.07.2016 16.32

Ja, 't was heel gezellig! Wie weet nog eens een keer, of meer(?), in de toekomst/ | Antwoord 08.12.2015 15.53

Hi Simon and Diny-just tried to send u our Xmas greetings from Riccall but your email address wasn't recognised. We have Is it OK?

D&S 08.12.2015 22.17

Hi back!! It's - just slightly different. Please try again, and we'll react, of course.

Roy | Antwoord 22.08.2015 22.44

Hiya Simon its Roy from Baglady. Please email me at may be able to throw light on you engine problem as we have experienced the same.

D&S 23.08.2015 01.56

I've send you an extensive email, Roy. Thanks for reacting!!!!

Caroline | Antwoord 09.06.2013 00.15

Just great. Such wonderful photos and commentary. Feel as if I am there. You both are such "pros" now at this boating ! May it long continue.

Best regards,

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23.01 | 18:19

We are great thank you. We are now coming up to our 3rd year of cruising spending last winter in Roanne. Lovely to hear from you. Take care. X

17.01 | 18:17

That's a lovely surprise! No contact since April 2015 (Nivernais). How are you both doing? And, of course: thanks and the same to you!

17.01 | 15:20

Happy New Year. Lots of love, Phil and Paula.x

19.12 | 09:56

Bonjour Diny et Simon
Nous vous souhaitons un très joyeux Noël avec vos proches et par la même occasion nous vous adressons tous nos vœux de bonne année 2018!

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